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Metrica opted for a picnic table in its most basic shape and made it out of pultruded glass fibre profiles. This has allowed them to create seemingly endless tables. The Marina line picnic table is theoretically unlimited in length although it is made in one piece. This particular design once again shows the “Tools for Togetherness” philosophy of Extremis: having a large group of people over for a picnic has never been easier. The seemingly endless table is perfect for entertaining large groups of guests, friends and family. It can be up to 12 m long, so that around 40 people can sit down at the table all at once.

The composite of glass fibre and polyester is a solid, durable and contemporary material that feels just like wood. However, it is considerably less sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. The good quality of the material means that the design is relatively lightweight.

Frame Finish: White Fiberglass

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

Available Sizes:

Marina 165: W 65" x D 60.6" x H 29.5"
Marina 220: W 86.6" x D 60.6" x H 29.5"
Marina 275: W 108.3" x D 60.6" x H 29.5"
Marina 330: W 130" x D 60.6" x H 29.5"

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