Mercury Sofa



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Designed by: Daria Zinovatnaya

Mercury is the result of free experimentation that draws its essence from the desire to mix geometric shapes with overlapping of curves, straight lines, and saturated colors that lead back to the typical expressiveness of the avant-garde intentions of the artistic movements of the early 1900s. Deaf to the logic of products and traditional design parameters, Mercury is a collection with a strong spirit of rupture, not an end in itself, but contextualized in a vision of contemporary furniture that stands out for its iconic spirit and fits within a path in which primordial originality is inherent. The disproportionate dimensions underlie a concept of comfort that is independent of shapes and combines aesthetics with the usability of the piece of furniture as a living part of everyday living.

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Small sofa
W 70.87″

Large Sofa
W 94.49"


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