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Designed by Umberto Asnago

Floating in the air one next to each other, in an eclectic overlap of colors and refractions: the MoM lamps are designed for Penta by Umberto Asnago, who developed a creative theme made of three keywords: Metal, Oxide, Matt.
They appear as a small suspended universe ruled by harmony, which returns a clear and amplified light from luminous elements, brightened up by colors.
The tactile surfaces are shiny but soft at the same time; turning the light on off, they look lively and attractive as they are talking.
This is the first step of a new journey throughout the creativity of Penta.

M.O.M. is a collection, made of borosilicate glass, where pendants can be put together freely.
The smooth rounded corners, obtained by a particular radius of curvature, remind of the manufacturing of precious stones, while the coloring (made with a particular oxidizing process) and the matt finishing give back a soft and graceful surface.

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Ø 14.9" x H 8.4"

Ø 7.7" x H 15.7"

Ø 5.5" x H 12.5"

Ø 6.6" x H 10.3

Ø 7.8" x H 7.4"

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