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Moooi Monster Bar Stool & Monster Bar Stool Low designed by: Marcel Wanders

‘A soft, puffy and stylish chair. The monster is a symbol of the eternal battle between opposite forces that take place in life and can be easily recognized inside ourselves if we have the courage to open our eyes. Scary? Not at all! You forget all about the monster once you sit down and enjoy the chair’s comfort and softness.

Material: Fire retardant synthetic leather on foam upholstered steel frame. 

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. Products in stock - 2 weeks.

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Monster Bar Stool Low

W 16.14" x D 20.08" x H 36.61"
Seating H 25.98"
Seating D 15.75"

Monster Bar Stool

W 16.14" x D 20.08" x H 40.55"
Seating H 29.9"
Seating D 15.75" 

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