Morph Plus Dining Chair



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Zeitraum Morph Plus Dining Chair designed by: Formstelle

MORPH PLUS – the MORPH family has been extended to include a new chair. MORPH PLUS is characterised by a broader and deeper seat. The positioning of the legs gives the chair MORPH PLUS a unique posture, as if it had a support and a free leg. The sculpturally formed sub-frame conveys the interplay between stability and dynamism. The solid wood frame carries a light molded veneered wood shell, optionally with padded seat, or a fully upholstered shell.

Material: Frame solid wood, seat veneered plywood – oak, American walnut.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.

Available Size:

Wooden seat

Seating H 18.1"

W 20.4" x D 21.2" x H 30.9"


Fully upholstered & Padded seat

Seating H 18.7"

W 20.4" x D 21.2" x H 30.9"

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