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Designed by: Formstelle

MORPH STOOL is modelled after the successful chair model MORPH. Thanks to the shape of the seat and its ideal incline, MORPH STOOL is more comfortable than one would expect. Formally, he has a unique feature, looks elegant and fits many situations using a table in combination with the chair of the same name, as well as confidently used on its own as a stool for seating. Its many variations correspond to the chair model MORPH: veneered wooden seat, seat cushion or fully upholstered.

Material: frame solid wood – oak, American walnut seat veneered plywood – oak, American walnut.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.

Starting at $660


Wooden seat

W 17.7" x D 14.1" x H 18.1"

Fully upholstered & Padded seat

W 17.7" x D 14.1" x H 18.7"

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