Nak Deckchair



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Nak is a sofa set and deckchairs with an extruded aluminum structure and coated with polyester paint. Nak was developed using materials that can be stored outdoors, not only the structure but the cushions as well. Nak is available in two seat heights, high and low, and two widths, L and XL.

Frame Finish: 
Tobacco Vinytex
Topo Acrylic
Skin Vinytex
Brown Cobre
White Pearl
White Pearl Vinytex

Acrylic Fabric: 100% solution dyed acrylic, UV resistance (class. 7/8) with stain and water repellent finish. Washable 30°C. Open air Drying.

Vinytex Fabric: Synthetic fabric made of plastic coated polyester. Incorporated a waterproof layer, UV resistance (class. 7/8). It recommends to clean it with neutral soap diluted in large quantity of water

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

Available Size:

W 27.6" x L 78.7" x H 11.8"
Wheels on Back Fee Optional.

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