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De Castelli

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A cachepot in ascending heights, all with one single diameter. Five different proportions to explore a shape generally associated with vases, to be positioned freely or affixed to the ground. The towering lines of the large-scale versions are naturally imposing, becoming a building within a building, defining the space and its paths.

Destined both for indoor and outdoor use, Narnya brings unmistakeable De Castelli finishes to domestic spaces or, in the lacquered version, blends in with its surroundings.

Closed base for indoors or perforated base for outdoors. Provided with an inner plastic pot to hold plants. Fixing plate available on request.

Waxed corten
Orbitale DeLabré stainless steel
Bronzed DeMaistral stainless steel
RAL9010 lacquered stainless steel
Satin stainless steel
Polished stainless steel

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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Narnya 100
Ø 11.8" x H 39.3"

Narnya 120
Ø 11.8" x H 47.2"

Narnya 140
Ø 11.8" x H 55.1"

Narnya 160
Ø 13.7" x H 62.9"

Narnya 185
Ø 13.7" x H 72.8"



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