Okito Ply Chair



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Design by Läufer & Keichel

OKITO PLY – the elegance of the essential. The ergonomics of the OKITO solid wood chair were transferred to the OKITO PLY shaped wood version. In addition to the optics convinced OKITO PLY by its lightweight of only three kilograms. It allows it to be perfectly stacked, transported, and is also extremely robust. It thus offers all the advantages of an object chair.

The double bar, which supports the backrest and represents the most striking detail of the minimalist design, absorbs the movement of the body and resonates with it. Together with the ergonomically shaped wood elements, this creates a high level of seating comfort with plenty of room for movement. Whether individually or in series, OKITO PLY offers versatile possibilities for object seating of restaurants, libraries, and lecture halls. The chairs are connected with the optional row connector, the center distance is 53 cm. A row connector and a stacking trolley OKITO TROLLEY are available for projects.

Material: Beech black, oak, oak stained black, American Walnut.

Frame: Metal matt black powder-coated (RAL 9005)

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.


H 31.1", W 18.5", D 18.8"
Seating H 18.1

Stacks up to 15 high with Zeitraum Trolley.

Stacks 8 high without Trolley

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