Orten’zia, Petals of Light Ceiling Light



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Terzani Orten’zia, Petals of Light Ceiling Light designed by: Bruno Rainaldi

Recalling the natural beauty of a flower, Orten’zia hand-soldered “petals” emanate a unique glow, immersing the entire room in a glimmering light. An organic radiance is created through light and shadow, planting a garden within the room. Available in either nickel or gold plated, the orten’zia’s elegant form complements its dramatic light.

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-10 weeks. 

Available Sizes:

Finishes Code

0M44L E7 C8 Silver

0M44L H8 C8 Gold

Ø 17.7" x H 6.3" 


Finishes Code

0M43L E7 C8 Silver

0M43L H8 C8 Gold

Ø 23.6" x H 10.2"


Finishes Code

0M42L E7 C8 Silver

0M42L H8 C8 Gold

Ø 29.5" x H 11.4"

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