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When Extremis began 20 years ago, we named our first piece Gargantua. It was based on a famous 16th century series of novels by a French monk, Rabelais, describing the life of two giants: Gargantua - whose appetite was unstoppable - and his son Pantagruel. The Gargantua table has a huge tabletop and is even extendable by putting the benches at tabletop height. The second generation, Pantagruel, is not a better version of his father, he's just different. The frame comes powder coated as well as galvanized, and there are several material options for the fixed benches and tabletop. It also features a Lazy Susan to easily pass through things.

Customers can now make a choice between those two, according to the expected intensity and required flexibility of use. There's no perfect table for everyone, in those 20 years we've learned that each person has a different focus.
Perfect combo with Inumbra or Inumbrina parasol.

Frame Finish: Galvanized Steel, White, Black, Earth

Top Finish: Iroko Hardwood, H.O.T. Wood

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

Available Size:

Ø 89.4" x Table Top Ø 57.5" x H 29.5" x Seat H 17.7"

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