Premiere Fish Lounger

Ego Paris

Ego Paris

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To suggest elegance with pure shapes and noble materials, so that the emotion and beauty are long-lasting. Available in 22 different lacquered colors. Design Thomas Sauvage.

Frame Finish: 
L01 White,  L25 Magenta,  L31 Moonstone
L12 Stain Chocolate,  L26 Orange,  L32 Blue Grey
L18 Amber,  L27 Turquoise,  L34 Ember
L02 Silver,  L28 Ash Grey,  L35 Cyan, L08 Stain Black
L21 Pearly White,  L29 Elysee Grey, L36 Matt Black
L22 Metal Grey,  L03 Steel Grey,  L05 Ivory
L23 Bronze,  L30 Light Grey,  L07 Carmel

Mesh Finish:
C01 White,  C12 Copper Black,  C14 Hemp,  C16 Indian Red
C18 Paprika,  C19 Silver Gold,  C02 Silver,  C20 Plum
C21 Kiwi,  C04 Navy Blue,  C05 Ivory,  C06 Coffee, 
C07 Lavender Blue,  C08 Black

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

Starting at $2,410.00

Available Size:

L 66.1" x W 26.8" x H 36.6"

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