Progetti Fashion Armchair



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Designed by Centro Ricerche Giorgetti.

Progetti Fashion: design and fashion give life to a new imagination.

Design dresses a space as it were a high fashion dress. An incursion into the world of Fashion for this new version of Progetti that wears exclusive fabrics to enliven unique environments.

Giorgetti shared the creative experience with Agnona that led to the creation of Progetti Fashion in three different variations. Very high material and aesthetic quality for a cover that highlights, even more, the elegance of the forms.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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Progetti Fashion 33220
24.4" x 25.9" x H 34.6"

Progetti Fashion 33230
28.3" x 26.7" x H 31.8"

Progetti Fashion 33240
24" x 29.5" x H 47.6"

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