Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp



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Moooi Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp designed by: Raimond Puts

Inspired by the principle of “tensegrity” (tensional integrity; floating compression), Raimond Tensegrity embodies a perfect balance between push & pull forces. A giant LED sphere appears to hover above its aerial wood stand with ethereal grace. It was a dream of its designer that it may stand in a space where people might marvel at this sparkling wonder, reach out for the stars & wow!

Material: Solid Oak Foot with leather straps, Stainless Steel 304 (indoor use, not resistant to marine conditions) and PMMA

The intricate spheres of Raimond transport the electrical current. The LED terminals then join these paths to create an atmospheric ambiance. The transparant lenses are specially detailed to spread warm white light in every direction.
Colour: Stainless steel
This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. Products in stock - 2 weeks.

Available Sizes:

Ø 24" x H 31.5"
Base H 10.2"

Ø 35" x H 44.5"
Base H 14.2"

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