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Foscarini Rituals Ceiling design by: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Collection of ceiling lamps with diffused light. Three diffuser shapes of hand-blown glass made using a glass-blowing procedure without turning the glass in the mould (referred to as "stationary"). The striped effect is achieved using a mould with negative decorations which are repeated across the surface of the glass, which is subsequently ground manually "by belt" and which then undergoes immersion in acid in order to emphasize the plaster-like effect. Ceiling fitting in epoxy powder coated metal
Materials: blown satin glass and lacquered metal
Color: white
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Rituals Ceiling is available in stock
White color
Ø 9 1/2" x H 14 1/2" size
Ø 13 1/4" x H 8 1/4" size
Ø 7 1/2" x H 9 1/4"  size

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Available Sizes:

Rituals 1

Ø 9 1/2" x H 14 1/2" 


Rituals 2

Ø 13 1/4" x H 8 1/4" 


Rituals 3

Ø 7 1/2" x H 9 1/4" 

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