Saphir E Topaze Stools



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Designed by Antonello Mosca

Functional, multipurpose furnishing accessories with many shapes, also with a swivel seat.

These stools have a captivating line and, depending on the circumstances, they can be put in a corner, they can furnish a passage-way or they can be the main character in the middle of the living room, maybe as a comfortable place to seat an unexpected guest.

Stools in beechwood, covered in fabric or leather.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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Saphir E Topaze 54070
Ø 18.1" x H 16.1"

Saphir E Topaze 54071
Ø 18.5" x H 19.2"

Saphir E Topaze 54072
Ø 16.7" x H 19.2"

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