Sea Urchin Pendant



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Designed by: Maurizio Galante

Pushing the boundaries of design and artistry; drawing from the haute couture designer’s unique universe, sea urchin features over 1500, translucent crystal “pins” seemingly suspended around the bulb, casting a dynamic shadow around the room. The perfect accessory for your well-curated home, sea urchin is available in different finishes in both round and oblong versions.

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-10 weeks. 


Canopy Ø 4.7" x H 1.2"

Body  Ø 23.6" x H 74.8"


Canopy Ø 4.7" x H 1.2"

Body  Ø 15.7" x H 74.8"


Canopy Ø 4.7" x H 1.2"

Body  Ø 7.9" x H 16.5"/58.3"

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