Selene Dining Table



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Design by Ferruccio Laviani

In the Greek ancient religion Selene represented the full moon, the perfect circle, that influences life with its phases. It’s thanks to the combination of circles and semicircles that the collection of Selene tables borns, a formal and expressive research in order to come out from the ordinariness of this piece. Thanks to the intersection of different geometrical shapes, combinations of finishes and materials are created, which give to the object a completely personal vibration, bringing it closer to a sculpture rather than to a common table. The circle was also used to outline the shape of the base that, escaping from the triviality of the four legs, is made of two angular elements, enriched too by the decoration that characterizes the top, giving shape to a unique piece.

A table with a strong design, which can perform different functions, ranging from the dining table to the manager desk. 

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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Version A:
W 94” x 39” x h. 28”

Version B:
98” x 39” x h. 28”

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