Sit Bar Chair



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Designed by: Lorenz+Kaz

SIT BAR – a simple barstool. With its minimalist design, the SIT range of chairs is suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. With SIT BAR, the chair family is being extended to include a barstool that comes in two different seat heights: 65 and 80 cm. The stool is available in oak, stained oak and American walnut and features either a wooden or upholstered seat. The feet rest comfortably on the slightly sloped footrest. SIT bar: minimalist look, comfortable and sturdy feel.

Material: Solid wood – Oak, oak colour stain, American walnut.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.


Wooden seat

Seating H 25.9"

14.9" x D 17.7" x H 34.2" Seating H 25.5"

14.9" x D 17.7" x H 40.1" Seating H 31.4"


Fully upholstered

14.9" x D 17.7" x H 34.2" Seating H 25.9"

14.9" x D 17.7" x H 40.1" Seating H 31.8"

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