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The SMART DESK is a modern and functional Desk, which is adapted to today´s requirements for size and function. Initially, the desk is available in 2 different sizes with the measurements 100 x 50 cm and 120 x 60 cm. This desk has everything that you need to set up your up-to-date contemporary home office: Slim dimensions, ample storage space, and flawless electrical supplies for all devices and lighting.

Everything is elegantly hidden inside the large drawer or beneath the console. Mobile phones, iPads, laptop computers, and lamps can be simultaneously supplied with electricity. This is made possible by two triple sockets in the drawer and on the underside of the desk. A small movable box with an attachment allows for tidy organization of the large drawer; if necessary, several such boxes can be inserted in the drawer.

Matching the style of the Smart Desk, the “Squat” seat completes the arrangement. When not needed, the seat can be stowed away under the desk. Thanks to the large selection of 32 surfaces and colors and the different frame styles (stainless steel polished or stainless steel brushed) this desk fits into nearly every environment. 

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks

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Smart Desk 

39.3" x 29.5" x 19.6" / 47.2" x 29.5" x 23.6"

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