Solemyidae Sofa



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Designed by Rossella Pugliatti

A small sofa that is welcoming and full of character.

The shaped, anatomical, and comfortable frame is inspired by shells, hence the name Solemyidae, the line of which clasps the seat as though to close it. To create a cozy corner in a large sitting room or to design a special area dedicated to relaxing.

Sofa in fabric or leather in one color or in two colors, and round stools in two sizes.

Price Upon Request

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.


Solemyidae 69850/69860
106.2" x 38.1" x H 29.9"

Solemyiade Stools 69870/69871
Ø 39.3"/ 55.1" x H 17.3"

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