Spokes 3 Suspension Lamp



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Foscarini Spokes 3 Large Suspension is designed by Studio García Cumini

The opaque epoxy powder varnished steel spokes are attached to the upper part by two ABS/polycarbonate discs and to the lower part of the aluminum module that acts as the housing and heat sink for the two LED boards. The electric cable that powers the boards is invisible because it is housed in one of the spokes. The suspension cable is in stainless steel and the electric cable is transparent. The ceiling rose and a zinc-coated metal bracket has a shiny white batch-dyed ABS covering. 
Materials Varnished aluminum and steel

Finishes: White, Graphite, Copper, Gold, Black

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks.


Ø 20" x H 16.5" 

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