Stream Suspension



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Designed by: Christian Lava

A stunning design from Christian Lava, Stream is an impressive presence in any room. Stream’s design exploits the physical characteristics of the materials used to envelop a room in a unique, immersive light. Here, over 7 kilometers of metal chain appear to flow down from the undulating, nickel plated frame. These cascading tiers project a streaking, yet tranquil, shadow throughout the room.

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-10 weeks. 


Canopy Ø 8.7" x H 2.5"

Body  Ø 43.3" x H 55.1"/47.2"


Canopy Ø 8.7" x H 2.6"

Body  Ø 31.5" x H 45.3"/47.2"

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