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Tapís is a divider panel system designed by Isaac Piñeiro to create and define small environments in open spaces. A functional, aesthetic, and dynamic way of furnishing and creating new spaces within large rooms without resorting to construction works or the unsightly PVC panels. With a simple change in the arrangement of the panels, new distributions can be created in the same space and adapted to the real needs of each moment while preserving the original interior design concept. In addition, it’s possible to create many panels compositions in angle to orient and modify its position gradually, according to the degrees that are required at any time.

The design brief was to create upholstered mobile walls, available in a wide array of fabrics. This empowers interior designers to fit them into their design project – in stark contrast to other options that offer a very limited variety of finishes. In today’s world, the Tapís’ endless textile options is a great ally when facing the challenges imposed by this new normality, together with our usual range of textiles, you will find technical fabrics suitable for severe cleaning conditions.

These panels are available in three heights and two width options to create compositions with a simple assembling system. Light and mobile solution that transforms the space not only by creating private and intimate corners but also with certain textiles, it can improve the acoustics of the room. The acoustic certification is in process.


For more information please contact: contract@casadesigngroup.com 

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