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Foscarini Buds Table Lamp is designed by Rodolfo Dordoni

Table lamp with diffused light. Hand-blown cased five-layer glass diffuser with a glossy finish. The internal glass layer is a pale, straw-yellow color to make the light warmer and the color more intense. The "warm white" version appears ivory in hue when the lamp is on and it remains white when off. The base consists of a totally transparent PMMA cylinder, milled according to a pattern, and with a mirror-finish polish applied by hand. The support base is covered with a transparent anti-static protective film. The glass is secured to the base by means of a cup-shaped ring nut; there is an on/off switch on the transparent electrical cable which leads out of an oblique groove in the base. The base is packed in a customized product pouch with specific scratch-resistant material which should be used to clean the base itself. Since the aperture of the glass is rather noticeable, the light bulb remains clearly insight and thus plays an aesthetic role. For this reason, a retrofit LED or fluorescent light bulb with a white globe with a diameter of 12 cm should be used in Buds 1 and 2 - and with a diameter of 9 cm in Buds 3.
Materials: Blown glass and PMMA
Colors: Warm white Buds, cold grey, warm white Buds, green-bamboo, warm white
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Buds Table Lamp is available in stock
Warm white Buds, cold grey, warm white Buds, green-bamboo, warm white colors
Ø 10 5/16" x H 22 1/4" size
Ø 16 3/9" x H 16 3/4" size
Ø 11 13/16" x H 16 1/2" size

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Available Sizes:

Model 1

Ø 10 5/16" x H 22 1/4"


Model 2

Ø 16 3/9" x H 16 3/4"


Model 3

Ø 11 13/16" x H 16 1/2"

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