Tigram Armchair High



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Designed by: Italo Pertichini

Tigram: the art of playing with geometric shapes and transforming them into sofas and armchairs. Starting from the concept of Tangram, an ancient Chinese game based on the modularity of 7 geometric shapes with which infinite designs and figures can be built, Tigram develops on the basis of simple geometric shapes, on modular primary elements that allow it to transform into a complex whole. of figures that can be freely interpreted both for those who design them and for those who observe them.\

7 elements including armchairs, sofas, poufs, and stools, all rigorously modeled on a hexagonal base, with different sizes and heights, available in a wide variety of colors, come together and separate, creating mutant figures and symbols and colors as in a kaleidoscope.

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Armchair High
W 33.46″ x D 22.05″ x H 51.18″

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