Tinkering Hanging Lamp



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Designed by Marcel Wanders

Tinkering, designed by Joost van Bleiswijk, was created after a long search for unusual ways of capturing and reflecting light. Joost spent hours composing rhythmic installations and it was in his workshop where this symbol of sophisticated craftsmanship and creative luxury unfolded.

Powered through Electrosandwich® technology and made from coated stainless steel and brass, Tinkering creates a modern feel with a detailed touch.

Materials: Metal frame, brass shades, and plastic (PC) diffusers.

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. Products in stock - 2 weeks.

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Model 140 - CE
W 54.7" x D 18.5" x H 11.8"

Model 85 - CE
W 32.6" x D 16.1" x H 11.4"

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