Tutù Wall Sconce



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Foscarini Tutù Wall Sconce design by Valerio Bottin

Wall lamp with indirect and diffused light. Handblown cased glass diffuser achieved using glass-blowing procedure without turning the glass in the mold (referred to as "stationary"), white on the inside and colored on the outside, glossy finish. Wall mounting plate and mount, housing the lighting technology part, made of aluminum color epoxy powder coated die-cast zamak. Brushed aluminum decorative glass support rods. The glass can be adjusted in two positions.
Materials blown glass, varnished metal, and aluminum
Colors: white, ivory
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Tutù Wall Sconce is available in stock
White, ivory colors
W 11 1/2" x D 5" x H 7" size

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Available Size:

W 11 1/2" x D 5" x H 7"

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