Twice as Twiggy Floor Lamp



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Foscarini Twice as Twiggy Floor Lamp design by Marc Sadler

Large floor lamp with direct and indirect up light. Diffuser and rod made of fiberglass-based composite material and liquid coating. The lamp body consists of a large painted aluminum cone. The diffuser which tops off the cone, where one of the two LED boards is installed, is in PMMA with a prismatic pattern and curved on the edges. The upper LED board is protected by a branded PMMA disc. The large round colored base is made of epoxy powder-coated metal; while the LED transformer is housed inside the metal and steel ballast beneath the colored base. The transparent electrical cable is fitted with a dimmer which can be used both to adjust the level of luminous intensity gradually or as the ON/OFF switch.
Materials; compound material on lacquered glass fiber base, PMMA, polycarbonate, varnished metal and aluminum (LED)
Colors: white, black, crimson, greige, indigo
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Twice as Twiggy Floor Lamp is available in stock
White, black, crimson, greige, indigo colors
Shade H 17 3/8" x Ø 31 1/2"
W 153 1/2" x H 122" size

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Available Size:

Shade H 17 3/8" x Ø 31 1/2"
W 153 1/2" x H 122"

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