TwiggyXL Table Lamp



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Foscarini TwiggyXL Table Lamp design by: Marc Sadler

Table or floor lamp with diffused and direct light. Diffuser made of fiberglass-based composite material and liquid lacquered. Glossy white polycarbonate upper disc, fiberglass rod, and epoxy powder coated metal base. The transparent cable is fitted with the dimmer, for the gradual adjustment of brightness.
Materials: Compound material on lacquered glass fiber base
Colors: white, black
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TwiggyXL Table Lamp is available in stock
White, black colors
Shade Ø 18 1/8" x H 11 1/2" 
Ø 14 1/8" x H 25 1/2"  size

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Available Size:

Shade Ø 18 1/8" x H 11 1/2" 

Ø 14 1/8" x H 25 1/2"

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