Vieques Dining Chair



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Kettal Vieques is a collection characterised by the combination of an aluminium frame with a new and revolutionary three-dimensional fabric, Nido d"Ape, with exceptional technical features, created especially for this collection and exclusively for Kettal. Seat and Back Cushions included.

Frame 1 Finish: Feldspar, Curcum, Alpine Glow, Terracota, Magma, Terra Rossa, Sepia, Cobalt, Oasis, Bronce, Indigo, Gypsum, Kaolin, Bone, Chalk, Manganese, London Clay, Flint, Carbon, Peeble

Frame 2 Finish: 518 Brown Beige Red Porotex, 520 White Grey Porotex, 521 White Black Grey Porotex, 522 White Yellow Porotex, 523 Brown Black Brown Porotex, 524 Brown Beige Grey Porotex, 525 White Beige Porotex

Fabric Finish: 285 Dry Sand Laminate, 286 Deer Laminate, 287 Wetsand Laminate, 288 Cedar Laminate,  289 Fog Laminate, 291 Porous Grey Laminate, 292 Limestone Laminate, 293 Charcoal Laminate, 294 Ashrose Laminate, 296 Moss Laminate, 291 White Cliffs Laminate

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-12 weeks.

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Available Size:

W 23.4" x D 24.8" x H 33.4" x Seat H 17.7" x Arm H 25.5"

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