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Save energy with Wall Light Clips, designed by Massimo Castagna for Henge. Create a wall of warmth with customized clips that secure to your wall, made of steel, brass, silver or Shine Copper. More an art installation than a light fixture, LED power-saving Light Clips are artistic and chic, emitting soft light while brightening up any bland wall. 

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.

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Available Sizes:


7 Clips: 40.9 x 30.7"       7 x 4,3W 330Lm - 3000K
9 Clips: 51 x 40.9"          9 x 4,3W 330Lm - 3000K
10 Clips: 40.9 x 40.9"    10 x 4,3W 330Lm - 3000K
12 Clips: 51" x 51"         12 x 4,3W 330Lm - 3000K

Clip: Ø 9.25"

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