Walnut Multileg Cabinet

BD Barcelona

BD Barcelona

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When in 2006 we decided to bet on Jaime Hayon’s talent with the Showtime Collection, he was still a young emerging artist with a profile not too common at the time. He has refined his designs over the years. One of the iconic pieces in the Collection is the Multileg Cabinet which BD presents with a new wooden, walnut finish, with the same virtues as its predecessor: modular, multi-use and multileg.

Container and frontal panels in 19mm MDF and shelves in 25mm MDF. 
Inside, back panel, doors, and tops in varnished or nature effect walnut. 
Legs in turned Alderwood.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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19.6" x 39.3" x h. 19.6" 
L.39.3", L.59 , L 78.7"

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