Zero Fire Pit

AK47 Design

AK47 Design

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The oversized Zero is 118” of pure pleasure. An updated take on the wood-burning fire pit, the Zero fits right in at a large gathering, and supports wood underneath its strong surface. The pit also comes in two other sizes that measure in at 57” and 78.7”, respectively. Heighten the outdoor experience with a solid style that resists the elements. Cover the hearth when not in use to prevent residual ash, and when the fire it lit, meet up with friends around its warm glow to enjoy and enhance any evening.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

Available Size:

Ø 118.1" x H 15.8"

Ø 78.7" x H 15.6"

Ø 57.1" x H 15.6"

Grill Kit is sold separately

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