Posted on 10-01-15

A true appreciator of design can’t help but curate a few favorite pieces from designer collections each year, but there is also comfort in selecting timeless furniture items that become personal favorites and can be kept part of the household’s furniture rotation year after year. We suspect the diamond back high chair from Danish designer Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen will become exactly that.



Add Foersome & Hiort-Lorenzen’s Diamond Highback Chair to Your Outdoor Collection

The straightforward Diamond Highback Chair was designed with both comfort and style in mind – and was made for outdoor furniture collections. It was created with specialized fabric and QuickDry foam cushions – that can go from wet to dry in less than an hour. This feature ensures the comfort of yourself and your guests within minutes after a typical summer thundershower or a brief hiatus from the pool.

 Even so, the high-tech all-weather materials do not sacrifice comfort, providing the same level of comfort you can expect from your living room furniture, with zero maintenance required. The chair is available in a grey tex color and is durable enough to be left outdoors year-round.

Learn more about Diamond Highback Chair and other modern outdoor furnishings through the Casa Outdoor Showroom.

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