Posted on 09-15-15

Xavier Mañosa is a Barcelona-based designer who, BDbarcelona says is, “in this order a potter, artist and designer.” That apt description is exemplified in his exceptionally unique table, Table Fang, which was presented in Milan.



Table Fang: Oak and Stoneware Merge to Create Exceptional, Functional Art

Each of the table’s four legs is made from hand-turned porcelain, meaning that no two legs are exactly alike. They are fired at extremely high temperatures (1250° F) to ensure their durability. The four hand-turned legs become a table via the natural oak slab that rests on top.




Table Fang ( fang means “clay” in Catalan) is available in two different finishes: black and natural. For the black finish, the legs are coated with a black enamel and the oak table top is tinted to match. In the natural version, the porcelain legs have been left raw, with no additional finishes, and the oak top is left natural as well.

To complete the look, Mañosa added a new collection of vases, all of which are porcelain. Each of the vases contains a deliberate imperfection, but Casa Design feels the combination of the Fang Table topped with imperfectly formed vases is a rather perfect package.

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