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Unlike other furnishings that are mounted to a wall or grounded on the floor, suspended lighting can be used creatively to add interest to interior air space. In the case of Alumega suspension lighting by anthologie QUARTETT, the fixture can be used like jewelry, putting the finishing touches on an already dressed room.


Alumega Suspension Lighting: Jewelry For the Home

Alumegawas designed by architect Nena Jeroch. The fixture was created using the circuit boards as part of the design. Four LED printed circuit boards were produced with a labyrinth-like design. They are fused together at the exterior edges, forming a hollow rectangle of ethereal light that spills from the boards to the interior of the fixture.

Not surprisingly, Nena Jeroch is known for her innovative illuminated jewelry pieces and Alumega lends the same kind of effect, appearing as a glowing jewel in the home or hospitality space. In the case of Alumega, the copper circuit boards result in a golden aesthetic, which adds further to the jewel-like effect.

In addition to the suspended box-like fixture, anthologie QUARTETT offers the Alumega in a suspended horizontal panel as well as a wall-mounted panel, which Casa Design has featured in the past.

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