Posted on 04-23-15

The Extrusions collection, designed for Barcelona design (B.d.) by Konstantin Grcic, combines artistic vision with mechanical function. Table B, was inspired by some of B.d.’s iconic pieces, like the Hypóstila shelf unit that has been in production since 1979. The Extrusions Collection combines the simplicity and technical genius for which Konstantin Grcic is known.



B.d.’s Extrusions Collection by Konstantin Grcic

The collection was introduced with Table B, an extruded aluminum piece with a minimal profile and lightweight design. The table is 120 cm wide and is offered in six different lengths, ranging from 180 to 500 cm. It comes in a variety of finishes and the base is offered in three different styles, wood, stone or aluminum. Table B also has an optional electrification system, accessible via an anodized aluminum sliding lid. It provides access to the interior of the table as well as power, data and VGA + stereo sockets.



Extrusions also features the Chair B, a wooden folding chair with aluminum elements; Bench B, an aluminum framed bench that comes as a single side chair or a long bench that seats up to eight people; and Side Table B, made from a single piece of concrete.

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