Posted on 07-08-19

You may face a thousand choices when looking for the perfect piece of furniture, but when it comes to your TV and sound system, there’s really only one maker: Bang & Olufsen.



The Danish consumer electronics company has been designing and manufacturing audio products, television sets, and telephones since 1925, when founders Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen created a radio to work with an alternating current, rather than batteries. They’ve been revolutionizing sound ever since, with a distinctive design appeal that Wired magazine described as “quality media delivery via striking objects.” We just call them the most beautiful sound systems we’ve ever seen.


Come into our Giorgetti showroom to experience the Bang & Olufsen difference. We promise you’ll like what you hear — and see.



Beosound’s “Off the wall music” is a wall-mounted speaker system as original as your own musical tastes. Not only does it deliver immersive sound and integrated noise dampers that actually improve your room acoustics, but its customizable design also makes it a unique piece of art.  Based on a modular tile concept, Beosound Shape is designed to provide total creative freedom, with each tile serving as a speaker, amplifier, or acoustic damper that can be placed together in endless combinations, to recreate the sensation of listening to a live recording.



Once you’ve heard your music on a Bang & Olufsen system, you’ll want that quality everywhere. Beovision Eclipse is the world’s finest TV sound system, as beautiful as a work of art, with its sharp glass screen cutting straight through an organic aluminum body. With the picture on, gorgeous OLED images merge with sounds so powerful they literally break out of the picture, to create a viewing experience like no other. 


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