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When it comes to outdoor furniture, sofas have come a long way. Thanks to high tech materials and weather-resistant fabrics, more and more design houses are offering their take on outdoor living rooms, with sofas of every conceivable style and size. From dainty to dramatic, these are 10 of the most stylish sofas out there. 


DOUBLE Sectional by RODA

DOUBLE is an articulated “total outdoor” seating system with two great looks: “undressed” in its mesh-like skin or “dressed” in fabric, with upholstery covers in a sumptuous selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Hydro draining technology and 3D netting allow the sofa to stay outdoors in all weather, with optimal water draining and quick drying. Rodolfo Dordoni’s smart sofa also pairs with matching armchairs, poufs, and chairs.


Mamelle Sofa by Coco Wolf 

Inspired by the classic elegance of a Savannah, Mamelle offers a modern take on traditional comfort and style. With its clean, simple lines, Mamelle brings a touch of sophistication to even the wildest landscapes.



Kama by Ego Paris 

Taking “an innovative and modular approach to outdoor furniture,” the Kama Collection by Ego Paris aims to “push the boundaries in order to make life more fun.” The thermo-lacquered aluminum frame features wheels for easy mobility, and the cushions can be configured to create multiple seating and lounging positions. Kama is available with optional teak armrests and comes in a wide range of fabrics.


Elements by Manutti 

The sofa gets a total makeover with Gerd Couckhuyt’s Elements, an ultra-modular outdoor seating island that is the epitome of serenity and relaxation. Movable back positions and accessories like a footrest and sliding occasional table offer endless arrangement options, while a slender strip of LED lights gives Elements the appearance of hovering just above the ground. Awarded a Red Dot Award in 2014, this is the ultimate in seating style and comfort.


Dandy by RODA

All the textured comfort of an indoor sofa, in a revolutionary outdoor seating system — meet Dandy, an intimate and familiar friend, now in a completely outdoor version. Thanks to the design versatility, innovative technological processes, and high quality of the materials, Dandy is a sofa that looks as good as it feels, wherever it goes.


Bitta Sectional by Kettal 

Rodolfo Dordoni’s Bitta features strong yet airy braiding, reminiscent of the ropes used to moor boats (“bitta” is Italian for “mooring”) to give the sofa a lightweight look that is at the same time strong and alluring, like a cozy nest. With light aluminum frames and comfortable cushions, Bitta brings a touch of textural charm to outdoor living.



Expormim’s Liz Sofa 

It may look as dainty as an antique heirloom, but Liz is a stylish powerhouse, made of high resistance aluminum tubing and die-cast aluminum legs. Available in a wide range of fabrics made for outdoor use, Liz can be customized to match any décor.


Walrus by Extremis 

Turning the idea of outdoor seating “completely on its head,” Walrus features a super robust cover material that creates a sleek, weatherproof sofa that looks and feels great in all seasons. There’s even an ingenious storage pouch in the back that hides a foldout blanket and a thick cushion.


Cascade Sofa by Manutti 

Elegant and spacious, Cascade is finished with a stylish mix of powder-coated aluminum and thick, woven rope. In lava and anthracite or white and silver, with matching decorative cushions, the Cascade collection of 1-seater, daybed, and 2/3-seater sofas elevate any exterior space.


Sutra Sectional by Ego Paris 

Playing with light and shadow through alternating wood and aluminum, Sutra takes modularity a step further, creating a graphically pleasing ambiance that is at once chic yet casual. The sectional is available in a wide range of fabrics, for total customization and beautiful comfort.