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Copper is the ideal material for light play because its warm rosy tones are enhanced by the reflection and refraction of nearby light sources. Perhaps this is why Catellani & Smith opted to use copper as the feature element in their Lederam Light Collection.



Designed by Enzo Catellani, the Lederam Collection is a series of minimal light sources set amongst one, two or three copper disks, depending on the lamp. Each of the copper disks and surrounds are hand-forged and pounded in Italy using metalcraft techniques that have been passed down for generations.



These copper elements ensure that the fixtures are as artistic as they are functional, resulting in light fixtures that are attractive even when they are powered off. Lederam lamps are available in table, desk and suspended models as well as wall-mounted sconces. Clients can also opt to select aluminum disk configurations that are jointed with a nickel fixture. These versions are available in a variety of colors. The lamps are LED for energy efficiency.

Catellani & Smith are an Italian-based lighting designer located in Bergamo and their fixtures often include the artistic melding of metal and art. Learn more about Lederam and other Catellani & Smith fixtures at Casa Design.

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