Posted on 12-13-18

Outdoor spaces are fast becoming part of our everyday lifestyle, from rooftop bars to al fresco dining. As a result, exterior areas are providing a continuation of the interiors and the requirement for stylish outdoor furniture is growing.

Coco Wolf was founded in 2013 by sisters Rebecca Le Noel and Claudine Davis and their partners. The ethos of the brand is to provide a seamless flow of living areas into the exterior space.

Claudine and Rebecca imagined a range of furniture that reflected their aspirations, their desire for style and comfort in the garden, all wrapped up in a design that’s equal to anything available indoors.

Two years of research and development has led to uniquely designed furniture that withstands the rain, wind, and sun using breathable and hardwearing materials that are also sustainable.

Rebecca Le Noel comments:

“It came to our attention whilst seated on our run-of-the-mill outdoor furniture, that outdoor furniture settings were often lacking in style and comfort. Inside our homes we had carved an interior style that represented every aspect of our personalities, but could we say the same for outside? We decided to set about creating the same level of luxurious and long-lasting furniture for the outdoors, something which wasn’t available"

The entire Coco Wolf team is proud to create statement pieces that brings indoor living outdoors, irrespective of the season and climate, making any outdoor setting exceptional.

Each piece of furniture is a bespoke creation and can be tailored to the required size, color, and texture. All Coco Wolf upholstery is changeable, allowing customers to transform their furniture depending on the season and occasion.




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