Posted on 12-05-18

In what we call a "bold move", Outdoor brand Kettal decided to branch out even more and started a new line of office pavilions and space dividers, making workplaces even more dynamic and stylish.

Kettal Conference Room pavilion

The idea behind Kettal’s Office Pavilions is to give shape to big, open spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Bike Parking Pavilion

Parks, squares, cafés, libraries, hotel lobbies, trains.... offices.


Office meeting room pavilion

 The wide array of color and material finishes for walls and ceilings, including aluminum, wood, fabric, and glass, as well as the integrated automation feature, makes this product as personalized as they come.


Kiosk Pavilion

 The Space Divider is a modular structure that lets you easily create independent areas, such as lounge zones, cafeteria, kitchen and all kinds of spaces in the workplace. 


The Kettal Space Divider consists of walls in a range of sizes, colors and materials. The product can be easily customized thanks to the wide variety of finishes.

The Space Divider includes the options of LED lighting, shelves, sockets and USB ports.


Kettal develops products specifically for each project.


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