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After arriving on the scene in rest stops and national parks just over a century ago, the picnic table’s iconic design — big, bulky, rectangular, rough-hewn — has hardly changed a day. That is until Belgian brand Extremis introduced their icon-busting round picnic table, the Gargantua, twenty years ago.

Since then, Extremis has only gotten bigger and bigger, introducing more rule-bending designs and award-winning designers who proudly say their creations are not “furniture,” but “tools for togetherness.” For those lucky enough to encounter one of their picnic tables, the difference is breathtaking. These are just a few of their most dazzling designs.

Picnik: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Designed as a modern picnic table for two with benches for small outdoor spaces, Picnik’s sleek, stunning looks made it an instant favorite both indoors and out. Its curved shapes guarantee sturdiness while also ensuring perfect drainage; paired with one or more tables, they create a harmonious, even artistic effect. 100% recyclable, with a light yet robust aluminum base, Picnik is available in a wide variety of colors and in high gloss (for indoor) and powder-coated for indoor or out.

Marina Picnic: Long tables for lengthy conversations
If a picnic table could fly to the moon, this is how it would look and feel: sleek yet solid, stable yet flexible, lightweight yet massively stylish. Crafted from a composite of fiberglass and polyester, the Marina Picnic feels just like wood, but is far less sensitive to temperature changes and humidity, meaning it is always a comfortable place to sit. The tabletops are available in two widths, with five or six sections, with the length of the table potentially unlimited — the longest bench ever created sat 110 people!

Hopper: Inspired by hops and hop gardens
With its slanted legs and tabletop edges inspired by the hop poles characteristic of Belgium’s Westhoek region, the Hopper picnic table is perhaps the closest relative to your traditional picnic table — but with the Extremis touch of offering extra comfort, thanks to four “pass-through” zones that make it easy to get in and out without having to lift your leg over the bench or disturb your table companions. Turn around, and the tabletop is even a comfortable backrest! The Hopper is available in four sizes, seating four, six, eight, or ten people, with galvanized steel legs for extreme durability or powder-coated aluminum table legs for a more refined look.

Virus Compact Picnic Table: Togetherness everywhere
With its compact yet elegant design, perfect for today’s smaller living spaces, balconies, and urban gardens, the Virus picnic table comes in various sizes, with an ideal table for any kind of gathering, from an intimate 2-seater to a 5-seat version. With both indoor and outdoor versions and mix-and-match colors, Dirk Wynants’ award-winning Virus tables combine style and sense, with outdoor versions parasol ready and embellished with water evacuating tabletop. 

Pantagruel: Epic al fresco dining
Following in the footsteps of Gargantua, named for the mythical giant whose appetite was unstoppable, comes the next generation, Pantagruel, a round picnic table seating eight people. With its tabletop fitted with a “Lazy Susan” central revolving tray, the Pantagruel makes outdoor dining a breeze. The frame is available in powder-coated finish or galvanized steel, with the choice of a variety of materials for the fixed benches and tabletop. The table also combines perfectly with the Inumbra or Inumbrina parasol. 
Stylish yet functional, able to move seamlessly from outdoors to indoors, Extremis picnic tables offer endlessly innovative options for those who see the outdoors as an extension of their living spaces. As Extremis themselves proclaim: “Expect nothing less than togetherness everywhere!”