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Leave it to the Italians to unlock the unlimited potential of everyday living spaces through the magic of glass!  Trend-setting Rimadesio takes pride in creating “new solutions for the daily use of spaces,” and one look at their gorgeous designs and you’ll see why they continue to set new standards in luxury living. In every one of Rimadesio’s custom sliding doors, bookcases, and walk-in closets, form is perfectly married to function, expressing the utmost simplicity of design through an exceptional level of technical competence. Every highly stylized design is made to guarantee superb good looks while still lending itself to the uses of everyday life.

Custom Sliding Doors: Statement-making space dividers
Each of Rimadesio’s sliding doors is, quite simply, a work of art: “An overall vision that combines technological innovation with stylistic variety.” In addition to lending architectural structure and demarcating interior spaces, Rimadesio’s sliding doors are crafted to maintain a strong sense of unity overall, using transparency, reflections, and colors to make dynamic interiors relate to one another, with space and furnishings balanced to create a unified whole. Glass and aluminum, ecologically sustainable and creatively innovative, embody the aesthetic and precision-crafted strength of the collection. 
Rimadesio’s sliding doors come in a variety of styles to match any interior, from minimalist looks like the Valeria, Graphis, and Sipariumdoors, to the more architectural designs like Soho, Sail, Daimon, and Stripe, with geometrical flourishes inspired by cultures around the world. Whatever style you choose, the doors are always made according to customer needs, designed from the beginning for your space specifically.
Bookcases: Smart and stylish display solutions
 Move over dusty, old, heavy wooden bookshelves — Rimadesio bookcases are thoroughly modern masterpieces, as beautiful as they are versatile. Crafted of aluminum and glass, they are able to express a range of different design concepts, stylishly original and always structurally sound.
For maximum versatility, the Rimadesio Zenit bookcase offers multiple composition possibilities, with open shelves and an exclusive coupling system, which allows an “open modularity.” The Alambra gives a contemporary polish to display cases and doors and even features integrated LED lighting in the shelves to better display treasures, while the Wind bookcase, made entirely of aluminum, delivers technological innovation in a delicate, minimalist aesthetic. From these styles to the exceptional modularity of Opus, the smartly functional Cartesia, and the freestanding bookcases Stele and Sixty, Rimadesio offers an exceptional variety of concepts and stylistic choices, in all colors of the Ecolorsystem collection and a variety of finishes for aluminum.
Walk-in Closets: You’ll never want to come out!
If walk-in closets could dream, they’d dream of Rimadesio. Blending architecture and modular systems, Rimadesio’s exclusive designs transform “the most personal and reserved domestic areas of the house into rooms to be designed,” with a view to exceptional functional performance and exclusive stylistic definition. One of their most popular walk-in closets is the Rimadesio Abacus, a sleek new take on the idea of space organization. Made of lacquered glass, its stylish geometric lines and built-in lighting system create a pristine sense of order and functionality.
The Zenitis an innovative sectional system, designed to furnish living rooms as well as walk-in closets, thanks to its exclusive hooking system which allows “open modularity.” The Dress Bold is another system, designed to create highly customized closets with the option of linear, corner, and even C-shaped solutions, with uprights or wall panels available in lacquered glass, mirror, or wood. A range of accessories, including shelves and bases, clothes rods, tilting clothes racks, drawer units, trouser racks, and draw-out trays, can be added seamlessly, with Rimadesio’s patented expansion fixing system.
Whatever your style, whatever your space, Rimadesio takes pride in offering maximum customization, with a passion for “creating spaces that are ever more in line with individual sensitivities.” For those who demand nothing less than the very best — in even the smallest of details — Rimadesio has perfected the art of everyday life.