Posted on 01-16-15

There’s absolutely no reason your lighting should be dull and boring. When it comes to selecting the most modern lighting for your home, the only choice you should consider are the Flos IC lights by Michael Anastassiade.


The magnificent globes have been crafted for both impact and effect. With their satin-finished brass, or painted anthracite stems, they are guaranteed to stand out against the walls and ceilings within the room.



Furthermore, the 30 cm spheres of light they support are perfectly balanced to create just the right amount of light within any room. Indeed, they spring forth as miniature suns that are simply mesmerizing and intriguing. You might even say that they are magical and reminiscent of the crystal balls that have inspired dreams for centuries.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the Flos IC lights is their compatibility with a wide variety of designs and styles. This makes them easy to incorporate seamlessly into virtually any design scheme you may have, or may be considering.

Casa Design Boston would be happy to illuminate you on all the details behind the Flos IC lights. We invite you to contact us with your questions by calling 617-654-2974.

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