Posted on 01-19-15

Pedrali introduced four new upholstered chairs,: Log, Zippo, Laja Wings and Ester. Together, they comprise a fun, versatile and playful collection – exemplified by brightly colored upholstery options.


Take a Peek at the Pedrali Upholstered Chair Collection

The collection is comprised of chairs, armchairs and sofas, each of which was designed by a different designer. Let’s take a look.

  • Log. The Log chair, designed by Busetti-Garuti-Redaelli, is a fully-upholstered unit, representing the simplest of chairs – that of a curved seat cut from a single piece of lumber. The steel frame is covered by a polyurethane foam for comfort and lightness.



  • Zippo. Designed by Pedrali R&D, Zippo is available in two styles – as a one- or two-seat sofa. Designed with office and professional contract furniture in mind, the high sides allow for privacy and isolation from the surroundings.



  • Laja Wings. This chair is also available in several styles. Laja Wings was designed by Alessandro Busana and can be a fully-upholstered unit or have exposed legs. It is also available on wheels.


  • Ester. The Ester is the more pragmatic sibling of Laja. It was designed by Patrick Jouin and mixes elegance, ergonomics and function. Ester is also available on four legs or casters.


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