Posted on 02-10-15

The technical realm isn’t the only place where digital and analog are merging. Recently, graphic design and industrial design came together in a new way, resulting in the Gráfica Collection.


The Gráfica Collection by Sancal

Sancal is a Spanish-based design company known for its enthusiastic support of art and artists, both of which comprise the roots of their contemporary modular furniture and furnishings. Sancal aims to design furniture that is both timeless and eclectic and they have accomplished both goals with the introduction of the Gráfica Collection.



The company commissioned a collaborative effort between artists Juan Ibáñez and Elena Castaño. Their mission was to use the industrial backdrop of Sancal’s surrounding for inspiration. The colorful geometric renderings they produced were used by a variety of designers – both in-house and contracted.



The result is a collection of eight independently designed pieces, all of which were introduced at MM Cologne 2014. The collection’s debut also coincides with Sancal’s 40th anniversary, making them particularly meaningful pieces for the company.



Gráfica includes pieces like:

  • REW sofa and bench system and the  Nap sofa-bed, designed by Rafa García.
  • Collar Chair, produced by Skrivo Studio.
  • Barnaby Sofa and chair, designed by Perrine Vigneron & Gilles Belley.

You can learn more about the Grafica Collection at Casa Design.

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