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Casa Design and Molteni&C Closets have partnered with one of the most exciting new luxury developments in Boston: The Archer Residences, located in the heart of historic Beacon Hill.


Located at 33-61 Temple Street on Beacon Hill, the Archer Residences promises to deliver not only one of the most prestigious addresses in the city but also some of Boston’s most luxurious living spaces. With completion scheduled by the end of the year, pre-selling has already begun — and, with it, the chance for prospective owners to tailor their space with custom luxury amenities.


One of the finishing touches potential owners can customize are the closets, and Casa Design Group and Molteni&C Closets have just the sophisticated and stylish solution to match these magnificent interiors: the Gliss Master closet system.


In the words of the developers themselves, in the Archer Residences: “Luxury living is elevated to something extraordinary by blending historic architecture with the ease of modern living.” By blending elegant design with creative innovations, Gliss Master closets have elevated the concept of storage to something truly extraordinary, as well.


With a wide selection of internal accessories, compartments can be endlessly personalized to meet different needs: hanging drawer units, extractable trays, shoe shelves, jewelry cases, storage compartments, and drawers with dividers are just some of the inventive solutions. And with Gliss Master, Molteni&C  — always pushing the boundaries of modern closet design — have incorporated LED and merged with the Internet Of Things, creating an environment that is as smart as it is stylish, with features like their exclusive Aircub and Refresh-Butler technology that actively protects and refreshes wardrobe contents.

Available in a range of fine finishes, including matte or gloss, etched or polished, and wood or glass, Gliss Master’s elegance and versatility make it a favorite with fashionistas of all stripes — and a perfect match for the Archer Residences. But with just 67 one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units and penthouses available, the window to take advantage of this partnership is closing fast. A mockup of Casa Design’s Molteni&C Gliss Master closet is available in the Archer Residences leasing office.