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After the excesses of the holidays, January is the perfect time to sweep out the old and let in the new — here are 8 hot design trends that are sure to get you thinking about an interior makeover (or two) this year.

1.Floral patterns

Like spring itself, flowers just keep coming back — but this time around, look for a modern update with more exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors. Think bold, whether it’s wallpaper or a pillow.


Meystyle LED Wallpaper

2. Copper accents

Is it time to say goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickel? In keeping with 2019’s warmer, more natural vibe, copper, with its earthy, red-orange hue, will become the accent metal of choice in furniture, lighting, and accessories.


Wall Clips by HENGE

Haumea Coffee Tables by Gallotti&Radicce

3. Pink, pink, pink!

Millennial pink marches on, moving into home décor and fashion in creative and unique ways for 2019. In addition to these soft pinks and blushes, Pantone has named “Living Coral,” a deep pinky peach, their 2019 Color of the Year. Spirited and optimistic, its warmth and vivacity shine through in a range of shades, making it a versatile staple sure to show up everywhere.


Gallotti & Radicce Poltrona

First Armchair by Gallotti & Radicce

4. Curvy furniture

Curves are in, part of an overall shift towards organic shapes and good, old-fashioned comfort — a design trend surely everyone can get on board with. From plush and overstuffed to sleek and minimalist, expect to see lots of sinuous curves and sumptuous silhouettes.


Paolo Castelli 

5. Geometric patterns and shades

 Once again, it’s all about making a bold statement, and few things do that better than a geometric print. Like floral prints, geometrics are expected to become a dramatic design presence, with bolder colors and oversized patterns.

Emmemobili Arlequin Sideboard

Gio Ponti D.555.1 Table by Molteni&C

Gio Ponti D.655.2 by Molteni&C

6. Canopy beds

Out of vogue for decades, canopy beds have been making a steady comeback for some time, answering the need for comfort with a flair for statement-making. Today’s more minimalist canopy beds boast elegant, slim silhouettes, at once alluring and oasis-like. Outdoor versions are available in styles for every taste, from Mediterranean chic to rough-hewn rustic, to simple homespun, for the ultimate al fresco luxury.

Landscape Kettal Daybed

In-Heaven Bed by Zeitraum

7. Outdoors as indoors

Outdoor living space has topped the list of most popular “special function rooms” since 2013,  according to the American Institute of Architects. For many homeowners, it’s both an aesthetic choice and a smart economic investment, increasing both the quantity and quality of their living space. And with more and more design firms turning their attention to outdoor living, the creative options have never been more exciting or varied.

Network by RODA

RODA Piper Collection 

8. Sculptural lighting

Lighting design has never been more switched on, with looks for literally every type of space and style. Bold, statement-making lighting is a hot trend for 2019, not least because it can make a maximum impact for minimal effort and investment.

Moooi Perch Light Tree

Moooi Mega Chandelier